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Customer care... the Polaris way

We have made it a top priority to keep the personal relationships that have built our business as the foundational element for our future success. We do our best to understand our clients, their specific requirements and the outcomes they need to run their business efficiently.

What you can expect at Polaris

Our people are extremely knowledgeable in cross-border LTL freight shipping, logistics, warehousing and distribution. We have solutions derived from decades of experience throughout the entire transportation industry and have created the Polaris Solutions Team who are standing by and ready to serve.

Above PAR is our LTL trucking benchmark

We continue to improve our levels of customer service and encourage and learn from the feedback we get on a regular basis. Our customer care team is empowered to make things happen and have a mandate to be “above PAR” in our dealings with customers ('P'roactive, 'A'ccountable, 'R'esponsive).

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