WEATHER SERVICE ALERT: Due to the severe snowstorm effecting Ontario, we will NOT be picking up or doing local deliveries today within the GTA, Niagara Peninsula and other parts of Ontario. We are intending to run our USA linehauls tonight. Local deliveries and pick-ups will resume tomorrow. Thank you for your patience. Dave Cox - President

Truck driver jobs at Polaris Transport

Careers Online Driver Application


Online driver application

 Owner/Operator   Company driver
 Less than 3 years   3-4 years
 5 years or more  Over 10 years
 Local   Highway
 Both Local and Highway
  Yes    No
  Yes    No
  Yes    No
  Yes    No

General questions

*Do you have a FAST card?    Yes    No
*Do you have a criminal record?    Yes    No
*Are you 21 years or older?    Yes    No
*Have you tested positive for drugs/alcohol use in the past 3 years?
  Yes    No
*Have you had any traffic convictions in the past 3 years?
  Yes    No
*Have you had any accidents in the past 3 years?     Yes    No
*Did this involve any fatalities or injuries?     Yes    No
*Do you have any cross-border experience?     Yes    No

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