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Optimizing your supply chain

Polaris Global Logistics (PGL) was created over a decade ago and is an integral part of the Polaris Transportation Group. We have the expertise in-house to analyze, recommend and implement changes to increase your efficiency and reduce costs in your supply chain. Our insider knowledge can bring fresh eyes to old processes and procurement practices. We view things objectively and make recommendations on what works best today and tomorrow. We move beyond “we’ve always done it that way” to execute and manage better solutions.

Within North America, we provide all modes of transport, warehousing, distribution and supply chain management services. To ensure success, we measure our performance to established benchmarks, provide detailed reporting and re-visit established objectives on a scheduled basis.

When you need inventive solutions, think Polaris Global Logistics

We love being put to the test and pride ourselves on our ability to analyze, recommend and implement the shipping solutions you require when, where and how you need them. Once the right solution is determined, we use a combination of our expertise, assets and outsourced specialists to execute each project.

It becomes a case of first accepting and then managing the change required to improve your efficiencies while decreasing your transportation spend. It is a true partnership approach where candid discussions and full transparency create remarkable results.

A lot of freight going to a lot of places

No single carrier can handle all your transportation requirements at the same level of quality, competitiveness and performance. Each carrier has their strengths and we have capitalized on those strengths to build a network of niche players that excel in their various disciplines. We coordinate all the activities centrally and simplify your procurement and administrative process. This gives your procurement department less to manage and allows you to pool your activity to reduce your transportation spend.

Our customers are running leaner than ever and are constantly under a microscope to get more done with less. In today’s economy, we all share that new view to business management. Our freight brokerage department is no exception and gives our customers choice and added capacity through a combination of our fleet and partner resources. The concept works well and continues to be one of the fastest growing segments of our business.

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