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This order is handled by Polaris Global Logistics.
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Advanced Technology

Boosting human intelligence with artificial intelligence!

Polaris has embarked on a transformation journey that will hinge technology and operational efficiencies for the internal organization and greatly enhance the customer experience overall.

By bringing in very forward facing technologies such as our robotics automations, we have significantly improved our ability to react, conform to expectations and produce quality services at a higher rate of speed and consistency, such as intelligent document workflow for our customs processing, order entry and accounts payables.

This has given us the ability to focus more on managing our complex situations by utilizing the wealth of data being produced by the intelligent engines and giving back insightful information that we are sharing with our client services teams and in turn they are sharing with our clients for proactive activities that would have been managed reactively in the past.

We are now more flexible to scale and align with market demands

Coupled with our other leading technologies, we are building a network of digital transformational processes that will change and align with the way we want to do business in the new world of intelligent electronic services being offered globally. We have launched and continue to refine:

  • IOT enhancements = Amazing customer freight tracking.
  • In an effort to provide live tracking information for customer freight, we have implemented enhanced IOT sensors on our trucks.
  • Customers can now see the location of their freight on Polaris trucks (On our Customer Portal) which provides live tracking of freight in the GTA and into North East/Mid USA.
  • Blockchain distributed ledger and smart contracts with our partners doing business on the chain.
  • A secure and robust single ledger that allows for a quick and efficient way of managing freight movements and billing reconciliations, optimizing payments and tracking on like systems

Want to learn more? Polaris Transportation Group has been featured in several publications for our development of advanced technologies. You can read these featured articles posted on our Star News.

For more information on our technology capabilities, please contact:

Dave Cox, CEO
905-671-3100 x 1226

Dave Brajkovich, CTO
905-671-3100 x 1247



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